About Us

BingSitesReviews is a multilanguage website, serving several countries across the globe. Over the past few years, BingSitesReviews has simplified online gambling and ensured its viewers the right to authentic information on bingo site reviews, game strategies, and so much more.

The (Amazing) Story

Andrew Howells (61), a successful businessman, once asked his son;

“Boy, I want to play online bingo. How can I do that?”

Christian Howells, then 28, took to his father’s question and started searching online. In his quest to find the best online bingo sites, he began exploring and experimenting with the available resources and was shocked to find tonnes of scam sites. There were plenty of biased reviews on the web, which caught his attention. He found websites promising guaranteed money or a one-step sign-up process to be fake and misleading.

Over a period of time, he continued his research and collected information on the best sites to play bingo online (you can read more about his method here).

Christian decided to share the information and be the robin hood of the bingo sites, only genuine and trusted sites!

Later, not only did he manage to provide a legit response to his father, but he also became the savior of millions of other bingo enthusiasts out there. Today, he has a brilliant team of his own that thrives on the principles that Christian abides by, providing authentic information on top bingo sites.

Andrew Howells

Andrew Howells

Christian Howells

Christian Howells

BingoSitesReviews Mission

Our sole aim is to provide legitimate information on the best bingo sites to everyone on this planet, just like Christian wanted to provide his dad in the first place! We make sure whatever gets on our site is cent percent verified. Our motto is to provide a safe gambling experience to our audience, with everything they need to know right here, at their fingertips!